Anti Vibration Table

Reverberations and oscillations might distort the weighing result; thus, the perfect solution is the Anti Vibration table.

An efficient and effective addition to your lab tools and accessories!

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The anti-vibration lab tables comprise a sturdy framework base, a polished granite slab that offers firm support, and specially developed rubber vibration decreasing pads that give users the vibrational relief needed for precise weighing.

Our anti-vibration table for the laboratory has been ergonomically designed to provide a solid platform for vibration-free measuring. When used in conjunction with a balance, the table allows a high level of accuracy, even in air currents or movement that could cause readings to fluctuate.

The table is divided into two sections:

  • An inner working surface made of solid granite slab fixed on flexible rubber shock absorption mounts makes it a shock-resistant table.
  • A heavy-duty Scew Supporting Mounts with Rotational Axis.

Our tables feature rugged construction, easy assembly, and adjustable levelling bases to accommodate uneven surfaces.


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Z-Black Granite

Z-Black Granite

Stainless Steel


High-grade Phenolic resin Sheet

Thickness 1.25mm