Pedestal System

A pedestal-based, free-standing system with a heavy-duty design is a classic style of Laboratory furniture that is exceptionally sturdy, with the hefty understructure bearing all of the load. The Pedestal lab furniture system is a robust fixed storage cabinetry range that provides the support structure for worktops and sinks. The system includes integrated service routings for safe delivery of gases, compressed air, vacuum, water, power, and IT.

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Santech Labs provides such universal pedestal system solutions in varied heights, which adds to the usefulness, versatility, and simplistic look. The basic structure has no bearing on its smooth and fuss-free operation. The system forms part of our full Laboratory Furniture range and is widely used in research, education, QA, and many other workshop applications.


  • Heavy Duty MS Welded Under-structure of 30 x 30 mm Pipe, 2 mm thick, provides full support to the storage and granite.
  • Four Legs, each only touching the ground under the storage, make everyday cleaning an easy task.
  • Back Cover Panels of Leg Spaces are easily openable via slide latches to easily maintain the back utility area.
  • Installation becomes very fast as all the modules are factory fitted, and they have to be aligned together, and the work is done.

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Z-Black Granite

Z-Black Granite

Stainless Steel


High-grade Phenolic resin Sheet

Thickness 1.25mm