Sleek System

The sleek design opens up any lab, allowing vital room for apparatus or furniture to be added. This modern Lab Furniture system is visually appealing and is also highly functional. The entire sleek lab furniture system is supported by adjustable and heavy-duty PP Legs wrapped in PVC skirting. This skirting, however, is easily removed for maintenance and maybe re-attached to the legs using hooks.

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  • Because the gaps are filled at ground level, no open spaces are left under the storage, allowing for pleasant, spill-resistant cleaning.
  • One of the system’s main benefits is that it prevents any fallen objects from going beneath the Laboratory Table
  • Leg Space panels can be opened by unscrewing the bolts for quick rear utility area maintenance.
  • Our joinery hardware is made of bolting systems, which ensures the system’s overall strength and longevity.

Additional information

Z-Black Granite

FRP coating

Stainless Steel


igh-grade Phenolic resin Sheet

Thickness 1.25mm