Fume Hood

Fume hoods are a kind of airing system that allows researchers, workers, and students to safely work with dangerous and volatile compounds in a chemical laboratory.

We offer– 

  • superior interior and exterior structures
  • Build-in quality of raw materials
  • Chemicals resistant Hood
  • Efficient design
  • Structured fume hoods cluster system reducing running and maintenance costs in the long term.

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Fume Hoods for laboratories are designed to keep them clean and safe for researchers at all times. They protect from flammable or hazardous compounds. Clear sashes glide horizontally or vertically on these safety devices, allowing for maximum visibility while working. The leak-proof enclosures built for optimum chemical resistance do not deteriorate even when subjected to extensive use and corrosive spills. Chemical fume hoods circulate and filter the air to remove any fumes that may be created.

The fume hood’s purpose is to keep particles, gases, and other toxins far from workers and out of the laboratories. A fume hood is an appropriate container for collecting contaminants that should not be exposed to the lab setting. 

For the fume hood to function correctly, a steady surface velocity and emission volume are required. Even minor changes in air patterns can impact the effectiveness and efficiency of your fume hoods. Air movement influences the air filling the Hood and the air introduced from the supply outlet, which affects the air movement.

Different Styles Of Fume Hoods

Santech labs is a profound laboratory fume hood manufacturer and supplier that generally offers three types of fume hoods to meet modular laboratory requirements. 

Hoods With A Benchtop Mount

Bench Top Mounted Fume Hoods have two components and are the most popular type of fume hood.

  • Upper Unit of the Fume Hood 
  • Base cum storage unit for the fume hood

There are two additional possibilities for Fume Hoods Base –

  • Independent Storage Modules with Castors and a Heavy Duty “C” Frame Structure for the Upper Unit
  • Floor Mounted Storage with Levellers

Hoods For Low-Slung Benches

The base portion of a Low Bench Fume Hood is lower in height, but the upper element is taller to permit more significant equipment movement within the Hood. The Low Bench Fume Hood’s other features are comparable to those found on standard benchtop hoods.

General Purpose Floor Mounted Fume Hoods 

Walk-in fume hoods or Floor Mount Hoods are ideal if your lab requires fume hoods that can accommodate massive equipment. While the name suggests otherwise, walk-in fume hoods do not allow people to enter or exit the Hood while it is in use. Users can walk in and out of walk-in fume hoods, effectively benched hoods that reach the floor, to set up tools before and after work begins.

Additional information

Z-Black Granite

FRP coating

Stainless Steel


High-grade Phenolic resin Sheet

Thickness 1.25mm