Storage Cabinets

Laboratory Storage cabinets are crucial because they help individuals properly store and manage their records and equipment without creating clutter. There are several types of storage cabinets designed to satisfy the user’s needs in terms of the repository. These cabinets assist you in keeping the apparatus organised while maximising storage capacity.

We design a wide variety of cabinets to match each type of lab requirement:

  • Glass Storage Cabinets
  • Chemical Storage Cabinets With Fume Hoods
  • Overhead Storage Cabinets
  • Storage Lockers

Get any type of storage cabinet from Santech Labs!

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Glass Storage Cabinets

Lab Storage Cabinet with Glass, Overall Dimensions: 1980 x 910 x 480 mm, 4 Shelves, 5 Compartments, Snap Shut Locking System.

Chemical Storage Cabinets With Fume Hoods

A standard Chemical Storage cabinets have four shelves, five compartments, and four openable doors, similar to Full Height Storage with Glass Shutters, but with a chemical-resistant coating on all inner surfaces. For each shelf, PP Trays are available as an option. An exhaust facility is provided at the top of the cabinet, connected to the fume hood and a blower via a flow control valve.

Overhead Storage Cabinets

Glass in Shutter Overhead Wall Mounted Storages are available with auto-closing hinges, widths of 600 and 900 mm (with two shutters), 650 mm, and depth of 325 mm.

Storage Lockers

Lockers with options of 6/9/12/18 for safe flammable material storage and for staff personal possessions storage or other utility goods. Full-Size Lockers with overall dimensions of H- 1980 x D-480 x W-910 mm are available.

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Z-Black Granite

Z-Black Granite

Stainless Steel


High-grade Phenolic resin Sheet

Thickness 1.25mm