Science Lab Storage Cabinets

Science labs are the founding pillars of our evolution, as every experiment conducted helps humanity take a leap forward into the future. And to keep the labs functional, they need to be well organised. Storage cabinets are the modern solution that keeps the labs chaos-free by offering spacious storage for all the lab equipment, materials, records, and chemicals. 

These storage cabinets add to the lab’s space efficiency and provide a systematic place to work that ensures the lab personnel’s safety. Choosing the perfect storage cabinets can be a tiresome task, but we have got you covered. In this blog, we will help you choose the right science lab storage cabinet by providing an excellent guide that will help you assess various options and select the best one for your lab. 

Factors To Look For When Buying Science Lab Storage Cabinets

We briefly discussed what storage cabinets are and how they contribute to the organisation and safety of the lab. Now, you must want one such cabinet for your lab. Before buying the cabinet, take a look at the list of factors that you need to keep in mind while buying a storage cabinet for your lab. 

1. Cost Considerations

The first and foremost factor to consider while buying a science lab storage cabinet is the amount of investment that you need to acquire it. Make sure to get your storage cabinet from a reliable company that offers you customised solutions according to your storage needs within your stipulated budget.

2. Type & Durability Of Cabinet Material

The next thing to consider when selecting a storage cabinet for your lab is the type of material, the texture, and the finish you want. Make sure to select a material that is as durable as it looks good. The durability of the storage cabinet material will offer space optimisation for a long period of time. 

3. Corrosion & Fire Resistant 

Regarding the durability of the storage cabinet, the material should be corrosion and fire-resistant. As many harsh chemicals, fragile equipment and other hazardous substances will be stored in them, resistance to corrosion and wear and tear is important so that the materials in the cabinet are safe. 

4. Nature Of Material Being Stored

Consider the material stored in the cabinet and think about which equipment, lab records, and chemicals are to be organised in your lab. Knowing the material’s nature is essential to getting the right-sized science lab storage cabinet. You can decide the allocation of space in the cabinet according to the size of the materials being stored. 

5. Size & Positioning Of Storage Cabinet

Once you have determined the material to be stored in the storage cabinet, you must decide on the cabinet size and where it is going to be installed or positioned. Choose whether you want a wall-mounted cabinet, mobile cabinet, or fixed cabinet. You also need to focus on the door style of the cabinet to maximise the space efficiency in your lab. All these factors will help you choose a storage cabinet that provides storage space without disturbing the lab’s workflow.

6. Compliance With Safety Protocols

Every lab has safety protocols and laid-down guidelines for furniture and equipment. The storage cabinet should conform to the lab’s safety protocols and provide storage space in a space-efficient manner that adds to its safety and productivity. 

7. Restriction To Access

Another thing to look at in a laboratory storage cabinet is a lock system that restricts the access of articles inside the cabinet to only authorised lab personnel. This lock system is required for cabinets to ensure that only qualified personnel use the lab equipment. 

8. Division Of Space

Decide how you want to divide the space in the storage cabinet and the number of shelves you would need to store all the necessary things. Determining the number of shelves in the storage cabinet is necessary to plan the space allocation for different materials and easily place them in the cabinet. 

The Benefits Of Science Lab Storage Cabinets

We talked about which elements you should keep in mind before buying storage cabinets. As you already know, storage cabinets are a great addition to any science lab. To further understand the advantages of having a laboratory storage cabinet, let us discuss how these cabinets positively impact your lab.

1. Organisation Of Lab Equipment & Records

Science Lab storage cabinet enables you to keep your lab organised and chaos-free. It provides spacious storage for all the necessary equipment, chemicals, and lab records. An adequately organised lab allows students, researchers, and lab technicians to conduct experiments in an organised manner. 

2. Ensure The Safety Of Lab Personnel

A clean and well-organised lab is free from a huge pile of mess. Storing equipment and chemicals in the cabinets will ensure the safety of lab personnel, as a systematic place is allocated for every material in the lab, which reduces the chances of spillage and breakage. 

3. Contribute To Lab’s Productivity 

Storage cabinets add to the space efficiency of the lab and provide a systematic environment for the lab personnel. When every material, equipment, and chemical is properly maintained, the lab’s productivity increases as it has a seamless workflow.  

4. Prevent Mishaps & Accidents

When all the material in the lab is properly arranged and well maintained, the chances of an accident and mishap are reduced to a bare minimum, as adequate labelling and visibility of materials will give the lab personnel easy access to the material they want.

Ending Note

Getting the best science life storage cabinet is a good value for money, and we discussed all the factors you need to keep in mind while choosing such a cabinet for your science lab. We briefly discussed the storage cabinet’s structure, utility, and durability, which will complement the investment you are putting into making your lab organised and safe. Santech Labs will provide the best-in-class storage cabinets that will meet all your storage and safety requirements.  You can trust us to manage your lab, as we are the leading solution providers, offering you premium-quality and durable storage cabinets, lab furniture, and fume hoods.

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