Features To Look For In A Laboratory Fume Hood

Labs are the places where researchers, workers, and students perform various experiments and do their research using versatile chemicals and toxic substances. Performing experiments with these kinds of things aren’t safe, so to add a layer of protection, modern laboratories have fume hoods that enable the lab personnel to work with hazardous chemicals, vapours and toxic fumes without jeopardising their health. The laboratory fume hoods are a primary ventilation system in the labs that prevent the spreading of toxic gases in the lab.

Besides the safety features, fume hoods are an excellent system for Labs. The ease of operation and adjustability of various components make it a formidable lab ventilation system. In this blog, we will see which features of the fume hood you need to consider while purchasing one for your lab. Let us know how the various features of the fume hood add stability, safety, and durability to your lab. 

7 Essential Features Of A Laboratory Fume Hood

Now that you know what fume hoods are and what they contribute to labs, you might want one for yourself. Before shopping for a durable and premium-quality fume hood, you need to be aware of its features. Ensure you get the best value for money with the fume hood you choose for your lab.

1. The Ergonomics & Infrastructural Needs

Working in the lab requires long hours of experiments, and you need to see that the fume hoods have an ergonomic design to support the health of the students, researchers, and other personnel using the lab. A comfortable and easy-to-use laboratory fume hood reduces the risk of injuries or physical pain from long work hours. Also, consider the size of the fume hood you want for your lab, as a space-efficient design is necessary to reduce accidents in the lab.

2. Ducted Or Ductless Fume Hood

You can choose between ducted or ductless fume hoods based on your lab requirements and the infrastructure. Where a ducted fume hood is attached to the building’s ventilation system, a ductless fume hood does not require a duct. Ducted fume hoods require costly maintenance, are fixed at a specific place, and have downtime in case of repairs. In contrast, a ductless fume hood is very energy efficient as it is easy to relocate and requires less installation cost.

3. CAV Or VAV System

CAV stands for constant air volume fume hoods, which pull out a constant air volume regardless of the position of the sash. VAV stands for variable air volume system fume hoods, in which the hoods pull out a variable flow of air according to the position of the sash. The VAV system fume hoods are more energy efficient than their counterpart CAV systems.

4. Resistance To Harsh Chemicals

As the workers, researchers, and students will be working with harsh chemicals, the durability of the fume hood is of the utmost importance. The fume hood should be made of quality material and have a protective coating that makes it immune to corrosion from chemicals and routine usage, giving it a prolonged life.

5. Maintenance & Upkeep 

To maintain the operability of the fume hoods, you need to get them serviced at regular intervals. While buying a fume hood for your lab, look for a system that is easy to maintain and has all the necessary components easily accessible while repairing the system.

6. Safety Features & Alarms

The laboratory fume hood should be equipped with various safety features that ensure the safety of the researchers, workers, students, and lab technicians. The convenience of using the fume hood from a digital display can increase the protection of the lab personnel.

7. Sash Type & Energy Efficiency

There are two types of sash in the fume hoods: a vertical sash and a horizontal sash. A vertical sash is suitable for times when the lab personnel need sufficient height to perform tasks using the fume hood. In contrast, horizontal sashes are perfect when the entire space of the fume hood needs to be utilised for the experiments.

Santech Labs Offers Top-Notch Fume Hoods!

When it comes to choosing the best fume hood, Santech Labs is the name you should trust with your safety. We offer a durable and safe fume hood in various options, such as benchtop mounted hoods, low bench hoods, walk-in fume hoods, or general-purpose floor mount fume hoods. These fume hoods act as a primary ventilation device in your laboratory and ensure the safety of researchers, workers, and students from various hazardous and toxic fumes and vapours. Designed with the sole purpose of aiding the lab personnel in working safely with toxic substances, these chemical-resistant laboratory fume hoods are a good option for your lab as they are easily operable and have simple and accessible features.


Fume hoods are necessary for modern laboratories, and these equipment help ensure the safety of the lab workers. Since many chemicals in the lab are harmful to researchers, students, workers, and others, working with them in these fume hoods reduces the chances of accidents to a bare minimum. Introducing a fume hood in your laboratory could be of great value as it makes it easier to work with volatile substances for research purposes.

Innovating the labs using equipment like fume hoods and laboratory furniture is tricky, as you need to know where you will get the best equipment and furniture for your lab. Santech Labs is where all your laboratory organisation and safety needs are fulfilled, as we offer the best modern laboratory furniture, spacious storage cabinets, and premium quality fume hoods. Contact us now if you also want a protective and durable fume hood for the safety of the personnel working in the lab.

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