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Purchasing laboratory furniture entails a considerable financial commitment, and the knowledge and experience of the producer are essential factors. Different types of furniture are utilised in laboratories. For example, a physics lab will need different furniture than a pharmaceutical lab. Choosing the proper manufacturer and provider is essential if you desire to get the most out of your lab equipment. So there are many things to think about while selecting laboratory furniture.

Without a doubt, selecting a provider for laboratory solutions can be challenging. It must be challenging to navigate the market for lab furniture suppliers. Although two goods may appear identical on paper, the grade of the materials used and the furniture’s final appearance may differ significantly. Whether you require a laboratory set up for teaching or cutting-edge, adaptable lab space for research and development, you can get many years of use out of your money.

6 Reasons To Choose A Lab Furniture Manufacturer & Supplier

1. Analyse Your Requirements

It would help if you first chose the style of furniture that will best suit your demands in the laboratory. For instance, if you frequently work with acid solutions, you should select a workstation to stop liquid from spilling beyond the table. This will protect the safety of the experimenters, who are actually chemists and pharmacologists.

2. Industrial Expertise

A reputable provider can offer you invaluable insight into safe lab design procedures and best practices. They can also assist you with which furniture system will best serve your lab’s needs. They can offer custom solutions, oversee the entire project from beginning to end, communicate with other contractors working on the project, and deliver the finished laboratory on schedule. Ask the supplier about their design software skills so they can show you 2D drawings and 3D visualisations of the finished product before agreeing to manufacture and install.

3. An Excursion To Manufacturing Facilities

Your staff/researchers will benefit from a supplier who embraces innovative production technology and installation techniques since they can optimise the quality/cost ratio. A strategy to ensure that all furniture is made to the same precise standards is to ensure that your selected supplier has cutting-edge production facilities and equipment.

4. Quality Materials

The equipment’s quality and modular layouts, including lab cabinets, are made of high-grade wood and stainless steel. These materials can tolerate high temperatures and resist corrosion. Your lab manufacturer will be able to gauge your area accurately and needs to recommend the best kind of material to utilise for your furniture. The environment of the lab equipment will also affect the material choice.

5. Safety Compliance

Finding high-quality laboratory or industrial furniture from reputable producers and suppliers is advantageous. This is so that the workers’ and the lab’s safety are guaranteed. This is done by drastically lowering the likelihood that any accidents will happen in the lab. One must maintain quality. Therefore, selecting inexpensive, poor-quality lab equipment will necessitate regular replacements and repairs. It’s indeed best to choose a reputable lab furniture maker and make a one-time investment. This choice will eventually lower utility bills and maintenance expenses. In the end, it is a wise decision.

6. Prolonged Warranty Of Lab Furniture

The quality of the final furniture, in the case of a laboratory, shouldn’t need replacing for approx 25 years. Depending on usage frequency is typically reflected in the furniture warranty, which you should always consider as it is a sign of a company’s sincerity and the quality of its products. Working with a provider will ensure complete material and servicing warranties within an affordable price range.


With more than 23 years of expertise, Santech Labs is a top lab furniture manufacturing company known for designing, producing, and installing custom laboratory furniture and fume hoods. Our production facility incorporates cutting-edge technology and modern high-performance materials. It focuses on high-quality installation to deliver durability and versatility.

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